Access all documents & data at anywhere anytime on any device to double your efficiency!
Host 1 server on your network, instead of half million, we sell affordable price, no IT person required, with our most advanced web technology,
We make your data safer & more secure to be accessed by cell or any device at anytime anywhere
Host 2 servers on your network to make your data absolutely safe and seure because 2nd data server is hidden and hacker doesn't know where your data located!
Unique tech, nowhere else you can buy same or similar system, let alone price!
Host 3 servers on your network, more doc mng and other features, unlimited TB storage, safer & more secure, can order data alphabetically or order it in entering sequence.
All-In-One Cloud Server is not only best in class, it is also the best cloud system! it is central hub to manage everything!
What you saved is more than what you spent, our server can save management cost to double your efficiency, employees can work anytime, anywhere, on any device!

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. search docs like Google & mng
. unique table of content interface
. manage project & task
. manage employee
. manage customer
. document change & progress
. log important event
. search contact & email
. manage apptmt schedule
. access data anytime any device
. organize everything
. Internal Data Search Engine!
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